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Cognizant Protocol

Cognizant, a text based adventure and exploration of an unknown planet. Unveil the story and make decisions throughout the game with the Command Line Interface style gameplay. There are times when player control the robots traversing lands of unknown.

Cognizant puts you into the struggle of Aldis Farrell, an AI scientist who is unable to free himself. Trapped inside an emergency pod, he is buried under crash landed space station. The only way is to install his mind wirelessly into the robots somewhere in this new planet then retrieve his body.

Discover your mind inside the system and explore the unknown planet. Meet bizarre life forms; survive through hostile environments and merciless creatures. Avoid the danger with Espy’s swift movement and fight for your survival with Excav’s laser. But beware, every choice you make will have consequences to the ending you’ll get.

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Paycheck Rush

What will you do if your boss cuts your very first salary? Of course you’ll want to get it back!

This endless runner 2D game is simple, all you have to do is smack the big bad boss and take your salary back. Be aware that the boss will hit you if you attack them frontally, so you’ll have to jump to smack the boss unconscious. Boss will conscious after 5 seconds, so you’ll have to get your money back fast!

This game is available for free! Click the salaryman Icon below to download it from Google Play Store




Star Saucer VR

Your spaceship is attacked by UFOs! Destroy them as fast as possible. But remember, your time is limited, so you’ll have to destroy them before the time runs out.

This game is made to be played with Cardboard VR

Aim the enemy with your reticle, and shoot them with the magnet button on your Cardboard VR. The bullet needs time to travel so you’ll have to aim the UFO’s expected position where it’ll be hit.

This game is available for free! Click the UFO Icon below to download it from Google Play Store




Kaskus Adventure

Play as a character from The Largest Indonesian Community Forum “Kaskus”. You will be playing as Blue Guy, looking for treasure “Cendol” to open the hidden curtain. Challange yourself and your friend to compete for the fastest time in this Kaskus Themed Game.



Project Shelter: Nuclear Power Plant

One of our experimental game. We develop this game exclusively for Intel RealSense device, which you will need RealSense to control everything inside the game. You play as nuclear power plant controller whose job is getting best score as fast as possible.

You must control the input of power plant’s control rods and coolers to achieve efficient power output. Beware of excessive heat or inefficient water pressure which can make your score drops. The power plant’s cute mascot on the right side of the interface will tell you the state of your power plant, whether it is too inefficient or too hot.



Shattered Shelter

You are an agent whose work for a nonprofit company that have a mission to reactivate the emergency generator and water pump inside an old nuclear power plant to prevent reactor’s meltdown.

We utilize Unreal Engine 4 and Oculus VR for this game which was new on the time this game were made. Shattered Shelter also exhibited on GDG 2014 in Tangerang, Indonesia.




Quiz Buzzer

This is buzzer and buttons for quiz games so the players will know which button (or which group) that pressed first to answer the quiz. For Quiz Buzzer, we utilize a sophisticated ARM Cortex-M for fast button processing and we put an internal LCD screen to acknowledge which button that are being pushed off-screen.