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Cognizant Protocol


Cognizant Protocol

Cognizant, a text based adventure and exploration of an unknown planet. Unveil the story and make decisions throughout the game with the Command Line Interface style gameplay. There are times when player control the robots traversing lands of unknown.

Cognizant puts you into the struggle of Aldis Farrell, an AI scientist who is unable to free himself. Trapped inside an emergency pod, he is buried under crash landed space station. The only way is to install his mind wirelessly into the robots somewhere in this new planet then retrieve his body.

Discover your mind inside the system and explore the unknown planet. Meet bizarre life forms; survive through hostile environments and merciless creatures. Avoid the danger with Espy’s swift movement and fight for your survival with Excav’s laser. But beware, every choice you make will have consequences to the ending you’ll get.


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