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Nilem Studio are a game developer based in Bandung, Indonesia. We want to make entertaining games for players by elaborating technology, design, art, story, and music. We also like to experimenting on our game to give players a remarkable experiences.

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We develop our original IP

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Develop custom game

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Multiple Platform

Our game is available for mobile and PC


What we've made so far

Sleek & Beautiful

Cognizant Protocol

Cognizant, a text based adventure and exploration of an unknown planet. Unveil the story and make decisions throughout the game with the Command Line Interface style gameplay. There are times when player control the robots traversing lands of unknown.

Sleek & Beautiful

Paycheck Rush

What will you do if your boss cuts your very first salary? Of course you'll want to get it back! This endless runner 2D game is simple, all you have to do is smack the big bad boss and take your salary back.

Sleek & Beautiful

Star Saucer VR

Your spaceship is attacked by UFOs! Destroy them as fast as possible. But remember, your time is limited, so you'll have to destroy them before the time runs out. This game is made to be played with Cardboard VR

Sleek & Beautiful

Kaskus Adventure

Play as a character from The Largest Indonesian Community Forum "Kaskus". You will be playing as Blue Guy, looking for treasure "Cendol" to open the hidden curtain. Challange yourself and your friend to compete for the fastest time in this Kaskus Themed Game.


What we currently up to

September 15, 2017 No Comments

Introducing Arya Satya, the protagonist for our next game Project: ELSE

He is the protagonist for our next game Project: ELSE  

August 28, 2017 No Comments

Which environment design do you prefer?

Hello people! we have two designs of environment we would use in Project: ELSE. Please kindly tell us which one you like in the comments ­čÖé

August 22, 2017 No Comments

Which design do you like?

Hello people! We have two designs of the character named ELSE for our next game, Project: ELSE. Which design do you prefer? tell us at the comments section below..